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Tyrant Lyrics

Veil Of Maya – Tyrant Lyrics

from album: False Idol (2017)
Live or die with those who dare defy
Stand up and testify
Breathing in dark poison
Toxins ripping apart your skin
Lungs are burnt wide open
Let the black smoke fill and close them
Looking back again
Every single thing in this world will end
Broken once again
We will never last in this pit of sin
Shame looks over us
Deepening the feeling of remorsefulness
We must not resist
Genocide will end this pit of sin
Take out your knives and claim all of their lives
Leave cadavers where they lie Mangled alive
Run for your lives as death follows behind
Now the reaper has arrived
Try to survive
Those who deny my name will finally die
All your organs will be mine
Take out their eyes
I will decide your fate for you tonight
Hold their heads up towards the sky
Tear out their spines
Try to survive
I've ruled over a thousand suns
My destiny has seen itself through
I have avenged my suffrage
The torment now feasts on the minds of my people
Who must not be exonerated?
You shall always and forever know my pain
The very pain, which you have brought upon me
And in the end I will be no more
Deep inside all I want is to die
My rise is my demise
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Songwriters: Maxwell D Schad, Marc Okubo, Brandon Paddock, Luka Magyar

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