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Your Heaven My Hell Lyrics

Varsity Fanclub – Your Heaven My Hell Lyrics

I guess I was the luckiest kid ever if mends would be
the key the heart to the sever burnt like this, damn
shot and missed. Slam the door, drop the pen cuz
I'm a bore, now just let me fall off this stage cuz you
know that it would be better than thinking that I don't
have you. Why did I do this to myself I guess
dreams don't exist your just a Santa Claus myth and
these skyline lights make these voices carry out just
a little more. Let's step in the ring and see what
happens. You never told me I was such a bother.
Just think back when we used to laugh together.
Your were my angel. Never left my side to the end it
was just a lie. Can I just have 3 shots of the houses
best drink believe it or not the rings still in the back
pocket wishing it could find a home instead I'll lose
those smiles that I used to sport down the runway.
Why did it do this to myself I guess I'm stuck looking
at these endless faces that seem to resemble your
heaven now this is my hell. Just stop, just stop don't
leave me here thinking were not. Everything needs
to fade and everyone get away.
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