If you ever see the boy for me
Tell him that I love him
Tell him that I care
If he ever needs me
Tell him I' ll be there

It happened the other night
We argued but we didn' t fight
He grabbed his stuff and slammed the door
And he hasn' t been back here no more

If and how you can see my man
Tell him that I need him
Tell him he was right
Tell him that I miss him
Each and every night

I didn' t mean what I said
Tell him, " My doll what' s wrong?"
P. S.' s will be written: tell him to come back where he belongs

If you ever find that love of mine
Tell him to forgive me
Tell him don' t be mean
I didn' t mean to start it
Ooh, I wished it was all just a dream

Tell him...
Tell him...
Oh how much I love him...
Oh how much I need him...
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Tell Him - Patty Drew Lyrics

Various Artists – Tell Him - Patty Drew Lyrics