How many moons, how many moons
Has it been since I've seen your face?
Seems like forever, seems like
I'll never ever get back to that place

Where it all began
And the time just ran on through
How many moons must there be before I see you?

How many days, how many ways
Have I imagined, I've heard your voice?
Seems like a dream, I'm caught in between

And for me there is no other choice, but to get in the wind
Once more time again, I'm not livin' too well like this
How many moons must I be away from your kiss

She brings the spirit, how I can hear it
The spirit of romance, something to believe in
I want to give in with every golden chance

How many times so fresh in my mind
I see my hands run all over you?
Beautiful dream, I'm caught in between

Guess, I'll never be through
Wishin' on the moon
I'm wishin' on the moon
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How Many Moons Lyrics

Various Artists – How Many Moons Lyrics