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Common Enemies Lyrics

Varials – Common Enemies Lyrics

What makes you so much better than me?
Constantly judged for what I've grown to be
You find a reason
To stand on your own feet
And turned yourself into a fucking black sheep

I really can not believe it
No rhyme or reason
No method to fight this
Identity crisis
Get a grip, living so lifeless
Wake the fuck up

This is not the American dream

I try my best to cut the bull shit out of my life
And all you do is push me
Farther and farther down
What will you do when you're left out to dry?
Standing above you
I'll make sure you know
Why I can't take this shit anymore
I'm so sick of it

Underneath your calm exposure
Is a pitiless fuck just waiting and begging for attention
You know you're full of shit and don't you fucking forget it

There is no heaven above
You're not a victim of fate
And every day's a new step closer
To a foot in the grave
No hell beneath your feet
You just end up in the dirt
With no purpose but to end up
Six feet deep in the earth

Human nature, no complexity
Forget about it
Your time is up
Heart of stone, cold to the touch

This is not the American dream (x4)

One more step forward
And two steps back
Three chances you threw away
And now you won't get them back

Fuck it all
No remorse
Just let yourself go
Let your shitty life take course

Fuck it all
I fucking hate this nonsense
Waste of life
You'll find your consequence

I don't understand who you think you are
But you aren't shit to me
You don't hold a place in anyone's heart

How many years
How many years did you waste looking for false friends
And material possessions

God damn it, no point in my confessing

What the fuck


Feed your bones
To the wolves
Of these social norms

Drain your blood
In the pool of society
Peel back your skin
Calloused by the American Dream

You spent
Your whole life pretending
You don't know the difference
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