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Angel Youth Lyrics

Vansire – Angel Youth Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Oh, a warm hello
Would be apropos
We haven't spoke in several weeks
But solitude tends to be the mood
So you probably won't hear from me

And there was once relief in the changing trees
The contrails that cut the sky
But pre-arranged circumstances change
And I'd be lying if I said I'm fine

Catch her in the switchbacks in the line
Switching back to Central Standard Time
Each day slightly more resigned
Trying to make some sense of life

So if we take off
You could quit your day job
We'd call ourselves the Angel Youth
You'll find us traveling and making tunes

But then I think of
All the people we've loved
How they'll be growing older soon
How it's true for me and you

[Verse 2]
So I convalesced in the middle west
And fell for Ohio's roads
I'm standing still by the windowsill
Where I once watched the world explode

So when it's looking dark in your narrative arc
I'm here and you can talk with me
A hackneyed fool under fascist rule
Wasting days singing about his dreams

All of which has lead me to believe
Earth's a set and life's the movie screen
And every dream that you have in-between
They'll fade with every frame you see

Oh, is it self-hate?
I wish I was in L.A
Far from all the roads we knew
Unworried where we're going through

So if we take off
You could quit your day job
We'd call upon the Angel Youth
We're coming to a town near you

Lonely and outraged
Guess for now that I'll wait
For generation Angel Youth
To point me towards a higher truth

It's on the off-chance
We never come to cross hands
'Cause it's too late to not pretend
And I'd for all of this to end
Just glad that I could be your friend
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