A new address must mean a new you
But I'm betting that there's really nothing new
Did the last town
Absolutely blow you to tears?

Different music, different interests
Every month is a new religion
Did the last girl
Not tell you what you wanted to hear?

Edit, Edit, Edit yourself out completely
Edit, Edit, Edit your mouth
To sound like someone you wanna know
And there's really no contest
The original version was best
But I think you lose it more and more
With every new conquest
And the cities are the same
Even the small towns aren't to blame
Just promise me you'll let me know
When you stop starting over.

We'll ignore the inaccuracies
As we read through your autobiography
It's not the city that's boring it's just you

So cover, cover
Cover up your skin
With the ink claiming things that you believe in
You only do it 'cause you've nothing better to do.

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Edit Edit Edit Lyrics

Vanity Theft – Edit Edit Edit Lyrics