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White Choclate Rap Lyrics

Vanilla Ice – White Choclate Rap Lyrics

Faggit police!... Represent... Icp.. Homies.... Twiztid.... Jeremy.........
Kick it!
Wc: Yo homie I was at Jay's(Jays!)
Sippin on a fay(Fay!)go
Orange flavored... Not Red pop for women(Women!)
But on the topic of women... Soma thm be dealin(Dealin!)
Faygojeremy: Yo baby I was at T's(T's!)
I drank alotta Faygo so I go to take a wheez(Wheez!)
Then comes a ht girl and her name is Lois(Lois!)
But with her pants that butt had to.... Squeeze!?
All: faygo go go go
gets all the ladies!
Who hate slim shadies!
All otha rappa's are fakies!
And F-Police know how to get um nakie!
Word to yo mama!
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