Verse 1
I’m here again
With no more to say
But to hold these hands above

And the question
Burning most on my lips
Is what have you learned about love?

If my heart would be brave
And my Lord would be saved again
Take the sun with your rain and say:
I’ll be wrong again someday

Verse 2
I feel it all
Since you tore down my walls
Now the world pierces my bones

Every corner
Engraved by old harms
But this city still has her old charms


Ooo ooo

Bridge 1
Oh please
Don’t take up all of me
Don’t take up…

Cos only when you fall again, my dear
Only when you ache another year
Then you’ll learn how love rides with fear
And won’t ever, disappear

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I'll Be Wrong Again Lyrics

Vanessa Forero – I'll Be Wrong Again Lyrics

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