Mm, yeah, yeah, mm…

Never thought that you’d be mine.
I just stayed there to be kind.
Now you say that you’re leaving me,
Well I don’t really care,
I have other things on my mind.

Then when you tell me “to just get out”,
Well this isn’t just your house.
Well I thought I sort of told you,
I guess you didn’t listen baby.

Now that I’m looking for your time,
Just to see if I’m on your mind,
I think we’re really over now.
I saw your girlfriend,
You and her seem to be fine.

Now that we are through,
I realise I want you.
I try to get you back,
But you don’t need me.

Baby, what you thinking now baby?
Ooh baby, have a look, have a look,
Look at me.
Baby, what you thinking now baby?
Ooh baby, I took a change now,
Baby, baby, baby, baby.

I know, I know that I’ve done somethings wrong.
I never left вЂ
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Have A Look Lyrics

Vanessa Amorosi – Have A Look Lyrics

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