I'm sick, I create this
Don't wanna feel inside
Every time that I failed you
I left you scared (and I)

Don't wanna feel this pain
That left me cut and raped
I'm left in this doubt
(I'm cut and raped)

(I tried) To make you see
(I cried) You cannot stay away
From me
I tried!
I tried...

I'm awake, can't deny this
Can't do this anymore

You're leaving me in limbo
'Til I prove to you
That I... Won't cry! Won't lie!
Won't whine!
I won't cry! ?

I lick your wound
To heal the scars
We made
Enter a cruel mood
End the night (with)
Enormous hate

(Doubt) I wait...
(Doubt) I wait...
(Doubt) I wait...
(Doubt! )

Tried to heal on my own
Tried to live all alone
Caused to feel all alone
Transpire all alone

After all that you gave
Now it's all far away
Never touch, never play
No one will ever see

Don't go away!
Don't go away!
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Penetration Lyrics

V-Mob – Penetration Lyrics