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Race Jones Lyrics

V, Bozeman – Race Jones Lyrics

I’m black! Matter fact I’m blacker than that.
I’m black in yo face and I’m black when you turn yo back.
Black when you stare. Black if you smile.
I was black back when it wasn’t even in style
Blacker than before the movie stars doing the trauma and the laughter
The light hearted jokes and it isn’t a black right back after

Blacker than being burned and i still didn’t crack cracker
I’m already black as hell and I’m coming out even blacker
Blacker the right blacker the wrong
A work in progress a work of art
But my black is not painted on it’s the way I was born


Blacker than a panther made of black lacquer
Blacker than cancer Blacker than chewed up tobacco
And the only reason I’m not blacker than santa it’s because santa was my grandma santa was nana


I often imagine, my skin being lighter and the sun shining brighter,
My hair being longer and somewhere I belong to a house being bigger and not being a nigger
The would pay to paint then it gets in my eyes and I can’t see
And my friends love me so much that they’re afraid to say that it ain’t me
But they let me fake because they still need me to make it
Get em a piece of your mind and not your heart cause they’ll break it

OOOOOH Hell Accept it
Forever and ever
Help me Help Me
Blacker than blacker than blacker than black
Blacker than blacker than blacker than black
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