I know what you're going through
And I ain't the one to comfort you
But I do, 'cause I need it too
I can't depend on you to fear the time limit.

If you make me feel rushed, It's set.
C'mon the story is beginning.

If there are words that can only be said now,
Then the voice I'm making you listen to must be mine.

Since we who love new things are easy to get sick of,
These feelings must be eaten quickly or they'll get cold.

If you want to know what love tastes like after it's passed the expiration date
Order with someone else because I'm not paying.

Come on time, don't get lost,
If you don't call before the next train comes...

If everything brings about the end, still more I feel like I can love "in the present"

Since we who love new things are easy to get sick of,
If we don't start to see the fruits of our love soon, it's time to call it quits.

Is the taste of dreams that have passed the expiration date bitter?
You shouldn't throw them away before they get that way,
That's not what I'm saying.


It'd be fine to grow up still being easily hurt.
There's no tenacity which holds up without a time limit.
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Time Limit Lyrics

Utada Hikaru – Time Limit Lyrics