Dreamscapes in the dead of night
The dark enshrouds your soul
Through the walls of the morning star
Your name the demons call
Feel your life slowly drift away
Spheres of light take you higher
We are the superior race
On chariots of fire

Arrogant in our ways
Fangs of frost and steel
Motionless, upon you we stand
This ain't no fucking dream
Draining blood with surgical precision
Menstrual fluids and semen
We are the Incubus Breed
Cosmonautic dreams

We are the incubus breed
With no resistance, we take what we need
Cosmic wisdom, the age of rebirth
Blood freaks, usurpers of earth

Blackened eyes of glass
Windows to a black soul
Prophecised invasion
Words of Ezechiel
Beyond the dead of night
Beyond the witches spell
Succubi seduction
Incubotic hell

(repeat chorus)
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The Incubus Breed Lyrics

Usurper – The Incubus Breed Lyrics