So many out there lost
So many who are sad
Too many can't find love
Others wish they never had

What is wrong with the world today
Isn't the answer clear
Why is it so hard to see
That you were always there

There's darkness inside of all the people
Evil consumes the world today
Where is the hope in all the people
Lights getting dimmer everyday

There's darkness in the people
But Jesus is the light
He takes away all of the darkness
And the night

Without you my future is uncertain
Without you my past is unforgiven
Without you the present is an illusion
Without you the outlook is a grim one

Spit on your friends
Embrace your foes
They don't really care
Where your gonna go

Ignore the helpless
And all the homeless
Feed your addictions
Until you die
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Darkness Lyrics

Upperdeck – Darkness Lyrics

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