Are we unconsciously confined, born into a world so full of lies?
Or are we free to strive after the truth that vaguely hides in disguise?
We're free to strive! So far beyond our human skies?
No one's confined! And once again my mind’s astray...

Awake - materialistic lies
That keep us satisfied
Are we ever gonna find...?

Consuming shitloads of crap each day
What is truth or faith, can someone explain!
Please teach me love, show me empathy
’cause I have lost it on the way...
Love is free! At least they claim it on tv?
I don't believe! That what you get is what you see!

Awake - materialistic lies that keep us satisfied
Why do I feel so empty inside?
Decisions have to be made each day
While time relentlessly ticks away
Just to survive our very tasks
And yet we're going nowhere fast!

Sometimes I wonder if reasoning is a gift or just an affliction that deceives mankind. Is there a god? What awaits us after we cease to exist?
Do our hopes for a meaningful afterlife really reside in the social networks influenced during our lifetime and is it the changes that dictate 'what is'?

Awake - materialistic lies that keep us satisfied
Why do I feel so empty sometimes?
Will I find those answers someday?
Before my life fades away.
Can't help I'm lost I can't denie
Sometimes these thoughts just make me cry

Can I rest before I die?
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Awake Lyrics

Unveiling The Skies – Awake Lyrics

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