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Limpopo (So Beautiful) Lyrics

Unqle Chriz – Limpopo (So Beautiful) Lyrics

I love the way you shine
There's beauty in your smile
In the twilight
Your beauty is pure delight

Pay no mind what they say about you
You the reason my dream came true
And every province bows before you
Proudly stand in awe of you


Wah-wah-wah-wah (yeah)
Wah-wah-wah-wah (you know I love you)
Take you with no matter where I go
Home sweet home you all I know
I love you
I'll always stand ready to defend you


Limpopo... Limpopo
You know you beautiful, you beautiful, you beautiful, you beautiful


They talkin bad bout you like they know you
All these places ain't got nothin on you
I promise Imma stick with you forever
Imma lead you to the alter we belong together
I dedicate this song to you
And I really wanna give the thanks to you
You are the reason I sing
Cause you my everything


Wah-wah-wah-wah (everybody stand up)

Lift your hands to the sky
Feel the sunshine


As your heart beats with pride
Now let's sing...



Slow yo roll while I spit, Imma blow old school
Nowhere in the world holds a candle to U
Your beauty is so sublime, it simply can't be imitated
Though they may try, U just can't be duplicated
Imma show to the world, like Akon did to Senegal
Supernatural, Limpopo U so magical
This actual and factual
Amazing agricultural
Auspicious mines and mineral
If you was a melody you would be lyrical


You so underrated
You so underrated
You so underrated

Ain't no place better then you
Ain't no province compares to you
And you the reason why I sing.....
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