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Ghilan Lyrics

Unprocessed – Ghilan Lyrics

My path has crossed with an unrecognizable appearence
As she shifts from the shadows of the twilight
Once transformed you can't tell if she reached her final state
The circumstances draw blood into her starving eyes

She hits the iron key to my continuety
My shell breaks while she sings her melody

Her black eyes
Set embossed

The cold slowly embraces my deepest unconciousness
Please end the engaging call out of the womens chest
Her hands drifitng upon my skin, choking my sense
A twist in my dimension opens up this gate of evil

Dont strike her with a second stroke
For then she will not die

Voices calling my name
Leading my astray
Blindfolded souls all have been taken away
Her screamings shrill
But seducing at a time
This place may have an exit
Turns out hard to find

Is there a bridge to my decay
Or does my mind just want to play
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