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Vibe Shit Lyrics

UnoTheActivist – Vibe Shit Lyrics

[Intro: Warhol]
And it's Warhol in this bitch nigga
Dex in this bitch nigga
You got Uno in this bitch nigga
Know how we rockin man
Wassup b

[Verse 1: Warhol]
Keep this shit one hunnid, down 1k, and I keep a K
I can't fuck wit niggas cause I know he don't do what he say
Keep my youngin's ready on the Tech, they gon' get it back
Spend this guap but I'ma get it back, I'ma get it back
Ridin 'round the city Forgiato rims shinin' bitch
Boy don't get to close I up this 30 now we turn 'em bitch
Ball out bitch I'm shoppin spend a check when I'm out at 5th
Movie boy, shoot that movie boy we hold a hunnid clips

[Verse 2: Famous Dex]
Dirty sprite, sippin dirty sprite, it's a dirty night
Two bitches, kissin hella right, choppa might take your life
Wait, hop in the Masi' go far, huh they look at me like a star
Huh, I do not do the bars, poppin them percs man I need me a jaw
I be so fly it's Dex way, diamond chain go dat way
Used to be broke in the day, I get the money I swear I be paid
Kick in yo door it's a raid, tell your bitch open the safe
Huh, lil baby don't wait, huh they tryna copy the wave
What, yeah, Dexter, Dexter, Dexter
They tryna - they tryna copy the wave, I get the money I swear I be paid
What, Dexter
I was broke up in the days, I fuck your bitch I'll pull her braids

[Verse 3: UnoTheActivist]
Yeah, ooh, sippin on lean
Ooh, chopper It came wit the beam
Fuckin the bitch till she scream
I know my dick in her spleen
Count up blue cheese
Ooh yeah, I want the green
Baby she suckin me, plea
Baby she all on her knees, suckin me up, like daddy you brave
Lift up her shirt for the beans, ooh baby go eat up my seeds
Why, oh, cause she is a bird, I think that Molly ain't work
Try to run up and leave him on the shirt, hit em on the 15th and on the 1st
Uh yeah, drop it off, ooh, percs she pop em all
I don't say shit I just pop it off, baby blow me like a molotov
Yeah, Hugo Boss, still get the ice from Ben Baller
Fuck her today and I'm gon' tomorrow
Uh, sorry I slaughtered your daughter
Ooh, sorry you don't have father, baby girl calling me father
Really she calling me daddy but I just want top and don't wanna be bothered
I put the snake on my collar, ooh money come in different colors
I be ballin like the Rockets, said she want me cause I'm smoother than butter
Ya dig?
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Songwriters: Cameron James Pitts, Jaelin Clay Rashaad, Dexter Gore
Vibe Shit lyrics © Songtrust Ave

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