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Dranco Lyrics

UnoTheActivist – Dranco Lyrics

What's on my mind aye
I just wan' shine aye
Geeked out my mind what
Rockin' designer aye
Guess she want fuck huh
She wanna fuck me
We came a long what
We came a long way x3
We came a long what
We came a long way x2

[Verse 1]
Didn't have shit, we like this shit, then made me a flip
Came wit' a K, came wit' a kit, karate kick
Your bitch she all on my side like a hip, damn
All of this sauce I'ma drip, damn
All of these nigga they will get canned
I am so high I don't know where to land
But she wanna fuck on my people
Sorry I'm sharp like a needle
She wanna ring like a Smeagol
I just wan' fuck with no feeling's
I wanna fuck you wan' please you
I wanna fuss it no tease it
I will not cuff like police

She wanna suck aye
She want my money
She want my money
You can get nothing
Not a blue hunnid
Not a blue hunnid

[Verse 2]
Saint Laurent and Number Nine
Raf Simons on my body
And I got the string hanging down my spine
Only gang 29
New money I ain't lyin'
And I flex up all the time

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