Put my hood on my back
Like my Ralph Lauren backpack
Firm, real nigga, true to my word
Never back track
And that's that
You heard thought...
Still got my footprints in the sand up in bial
Moyo even rose, compyo at the malia
Big nigga shit, hope you living cause we are
Keep it a buck, know I keep long enough
To keep me on stuck,
Spazz on the mike like Duran of the rock
Niggas huckling but I'm still doing my number
So fuck em
I ain't tripping, slow niggas tryina play me
Like I ain't listening
Realer than any nigga you know
Kush god, mastermind, uno

They told me keep every move discrete
Never accept defeat, been a beast on these beats
Might need the peace if homie walk my piece
Saying they been a boss, know they lying through they teeth
Still follow the sheep, he was only 16 but still follow the streets
2 years later, that boy swallowed the key
Wouldn't fuck with me, then now these hoes following me
But that was never the goal
Lock myself in the stoop so I could better the flow E
Rasing the folds, relaxing for the moment
Holmes, we chasing the gold, the hate is getting old
I just embrace it as I go
Stop, drop and roll I be spitting fuego
So lay low, bout my pesos
Hasta la uego, tryina stack lego
I've been on the road since my men's came home
Now they bout to give my brother 20
He was playing balling ain't even reached 20
So run for your rats, bout just stacks and your hunneds
It's real life nigga what it feel like nigga?
I kill mikes nigga, flow real trife nigga
The real mike get you, and the steel mike hit you
Gotta ride, fuck me in the victim, just vic them
Drop bombs like half 9 listen dime fuck the hype in the system
I guess the truth in this substance is what I'm missing

Since no one seems to listen
Since I've been on this mission
That's what they all be missing
Since I've been on this mission
That's what they all be missing.
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The Kickback Lyrics

Uno Hype – The Kickback Lyrics

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