Verse one: {tec-9}
Straight out tha gutta they label a nigga
As a problem to the other side but they just
Want to take me for a ride you ask the question on
Why I like to use the n word
Well that's the only way a nigga is heard
Now Im young and Im black that puts odds against me
I often carry the nine cuz I got to defend me
Gun shot to yo head now you dead uh huh
That mean some drama bout to happen
Motherfucka, yeah Im to much trouble
I can't stay at my moms house
Mama goin crazy thinkin my time is runnin out
So now Im a nigga with a time limit
On top of all that I got hooked up on some hoe shit
They say I fit the description of a 187 suspect
So now the parish prison blue is in effect
But this aint nothin to a brother
Cuz Ive handle shit like this once before
Because Im straight out the gutta

Chorus: {lil ya/yella boy}

They just want to take me for a ride a ride
Miss don't try to touch my nuts to see if I'll pull the trigger
They just want to take me for a ride a ride
Miss don't try to touch my nuts to see if I'll pull the trigger
They just want to take me for a ride

Verse two: {tec-9}

Now Im out in the gutta nothin but a trap
You can't survive if you can't stay strapped
So watch yo back gangster
I hear this story and I started to get hecked
Im figurin a plan so my boys can be protected
I aint about to let this shit go down
Cuz before I go down Im a show these niggas how to clown
You got yo strap I got my shit
So what ya wanna do Im bout to bring some drama to you
Now how do it feel to feal the steel of a real ass nigga
I know that you slipped because Im bangin and bangin
At yo ass with the motherfuckin hollow tip
I told you once before I got nuts I got heart and
Ammunition Im a real ass nigga
Straight out tha gutta

Chorus: {2x}

Verse three: {tec-9}

Everyday there's a murder case in my hood
And them gangsters I grew up
Still up to no good my nigga lyin on the ground
All shot up and everybody no the motherfucka who did him up
Nigga da nigga da nigga uhh uhh watch yo back
Cuz Im packin the gat but aint nobody sayin a
Damn thing and I don't feel a nigga so
Im lettin my fuckin nuts hang
Machine gun, three eighty, ak, glock forty-five
With all that ammunition how the fuck you gonna stay alive!
I take out yo clip because shit gettin deeper
I predict the future when I see ya Im a kill ya
Cuz once live a nigga who tested my nuts
Yeah he's a sucker, because I clipped out
And shot the motherfucker it goes on and on
In the heart of the gutta
Smokin blunt after blunt we gettin
High as a motherfucka
I was a villain since my day of birth
Yeah, I got popped with a pump but it didn't hurt
My big brother told me wrong he didn't teach me right
Cuz everyday I went to school I got into a fight
I aint with that shit because it's really wasn't about that shit
Yeah, but I never let me guard down ya heard me

Chorus: {4x}
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Straight Out Tha Gutta Lyrics

Unlv – Straight Out Tha Gutta Lyrics