Down On Ya Knees Like A Top Notch Hoe [x8]
(Ay Gurl Get Down)

She Say She Neva Dun It She Say She Neva Tried
Smoke 2 Blunts A Purp An She A God Damn Lie
Got Down On Ha Knees Popped A Pill An Showed A Rabbit
Den She, Bent Ha Knees Rocked Ha Hips An Did Da Poole Palce
Now Can you Do It Wit No Hands Just ass An Hips
I Called My nigga Maceo We Made A Quick Flip
Get Down On Yo Knees Lik A Top Notch Hoe
And Make Yo Booty Go Faster Den A Lambo
I Love Dem Pretty Tities An Yo ass Kinda Thick
She Hit The Stage 2 Ways And Did A Side Kick(Damn)
We Some Hood niggaz Throw It Back And don't Stop It
Mix A Lil Trina Then Add A Lot A White Chocolate
We Keep Then Switchers Roll Grey Goose Il Make Ha Twurk
A Hundred Pounds Cush A Fifty Pack Of Purp
So If you Hot An Ready Say It I Aint Neva Scared
An From The Club To The Block For A Blockhead

[Chorus x8]

Get Down On Yo Knees Pop Dat pussy Lik I'm Pastor Troy
I'm From Dat A But Really Baby Ima Georgia Boy(4real)
Don't Think These Country niggas Slow About Nethang
I'm From Da Trap Man My nigga Push Anything
We In The Strip Club Steady Lettin Dat Money Rang
We Gettin Money Over Here But I Aint Jeezy Mane
I Jus Wanna See you Shake It Like In Tip Drill
But Jus Move Dem Draws To The Side Show Me you 4real
On The Real Show Me That you Can Pop It Hard Enuff
So Put Yo Hangs On The Pole you Get Hand Cuffs
So Get Back Gurl An Dance How Dem Freaks Do
Jus Because you Dance Dat don't Mean you Won Too
Maceo In The Jeep Pimp Respect Dat
Ima Mac Quick Flippin Hoes Like Contacts
So Get Down On Ya Knees Like A Top Notch
An Let Dat ass Bounce To It Lika Hop Scotch

[Chorus x17]
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Down On Ya Knees Lyrics

Unk – Down On Ya Knees Lyrics