I could see how many do not believe
Because You are so unbelievably beautiful
We do not go on only what we see
But it's by faith we know that you are truly God

I could never love like you love
I could never create like you create
Your the lover of all who have been loved
Creator of beauty, create a heart in me
That is Yours alone

Though betrayed you never were deceived
You knew before you bled that You would bleed
And through death springs life and now we're free
No longer in chains but living eternally!

I will always fall short
You will always stay the same
I am a fragile work
You alone are God and you will always withstand
I was formed from dirt
You were, and always have been
You alone have the power to save,
You alone are the bread of man!
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I Could Never Lyrics

Unite The Faith – I Could Never Lyrics