Until the end of my pain
I am kept alive
Rejuvenate my determination
Making me, making me stronger now
Making me, making me stronger but
Nobody, nobody can see this
Unless I bear this out

My fire turns from red to blue
Turns bluer that the sky you saw that day
And starts to burn hotter than ever
Think I can handle it or it can burn me down
Just dry my tears
Dry my tears

So give me, my pain
I can embrace it
Don't leave me, my pain
I never wanna releave it
What you left for me is my evidence
Let it be breathing in my heart
You hearten me
Forever and ever

I can feel you

With what you have believed
I stand against it
My blood is seething inside of me

I hold my hand up towards the sun
The I pu it on my heart
Coz my heart won't be digital
It won't be change after a million more years
Remember again

It builds me up, I won't forget
Lights and tomorrows for me
Peace, dark and forever with you
Forever for you
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End Of My Pain Lyrics

Undead Corporation – End Of My Pain Lyrics

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