The phone don't ring no more where I live
And I sit home at night just nursing tears
Since we broke up, I've changed you see
Now my friends have labeled me

Bad company
Since you left me
Bad company
They can't help me
Bad company
Since you left me

They say I'm not what I used to be

Some find it easy when love is gone
To get back in the race and carry on
No one listens when I explain
I guess that's how I got the name

Repeat Chorus

You see I lost my sparkle, lost my smile
When I used to have so much style
You know I locked myself in my room
I won't come out till way afternoon
And in my neighborhood, people in the streets
They avoid me whenever we meet
'Cause they say that I'm bad
Don't you know she's bad
You know she's bad

Repeat Chorus
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Bad Company Lyrics

Ullanda McCullough – Bad Company Lyrics