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They Down With Us Lyrics

UGK – They Down With Us Lyrics

Yo Pop, let's jump in the fight game boy

My nigga Bun B you know he down wit us
Short Dog and Doc down wit us
Eric be and Pimp see you know they down wit us
Black Rob and Eightball, down wit us
M.J.G. you know he down wit us
B-Legit and E-Feezie down wit us
My nigga Young Ke Ke he down wit us
South Side nigga and we down to bust I'm number one

Too many niggas takin' rap for a joke
You be up for one minute and then the next you're flat broke
Rhyme about fly bitches, Daytona, hardheaded Spokes
Pockets once was phat but now your bummin' smokes
And now your gung ho got'cha niggas by your side
And the topic of your every conversation's let's ride
But let's take 5 and then put that shit aside
But you know as well as I know
That you don't want to die
I give's ah fuck about your crew
What they want to do
Them niggas quick to cock they straps
We cock straps too
And we blast on fools,fuck you over
We smoke niggas too, like Black Rob do
We straight criminals, fuck an interview
J-Prince will ethnic cleanse like Hitler used to do
Bring on an interlude
I'm comin' from a school where if ah nigga mouth
Get out-We aim the hit at you
Method subliminal-I'm The Original
That bullshit I heard on your disc was pitiful
I'm critical-nigga I ride around and housin'
My records doin' millions you barely clock a hundred Thousand
I clock more dough plus do more shows
You brag on tight flows but you can't go gold
You sold your soul and bullshit sound low
Fuckin' wit me is not so need nine mo'

[Bun B]
Now the internet,radio,prison even the t.v.
All askin' me tah spit the meaning of B-U-N-B
Well let's see I'm broader than Broadway
Rollin' Brahma's on Broadway
Got your brawd out on Broadway
To Broadway in ah broad day
Now I brought the underground plunger
Sound from down under
Somethin' like when that thunder pound
Way from round yunder
Hey I'm from the South mane
Plus I'm the south main fanatical film broker
Than Carol on South Main
Close your mouth mane
I ain't ask to see your tonsil's or your tongue
Lookin' sprung like The Prince was for Repunzil
I gets twisted like a pretzel these rappers cryin' the blues
Cause I make this shit look crazier than tyin' my shoes
People ask me do I write rhymes
I tell 'em I used to
Shit now I'm writin' history you gonna remember
Like The Juice Crew
You to the G to the K-P-A Playa
Miss me bout that you-ing nigga next up is J-are

[Pimp C]
Tell yah Lil' J is down wit us
The boy Big Chief is down wit us
The nigga California is down wit us
You know the boy Brad is down wit us
The boy Big Mike still down wit us
Come in die candy sippin' the Tusk
Niggas in the southside down wit us
Fifth Ward-down to ride down wit us

[Pimp C]
Nore and Ross breakin' 'em off
'cause when they think they winnin' fucked boy your lost
I like the rye white raised on gravy and rice
This Rap-A-Lot Mafia Life, Super Tight
Skip Daddy ain't said must of started smokin' rocks
We got game on loud, bitch you ain't proud
Smoke private stock-got blades chopped
Keep ah young yella bop and ah pistol tah pop
On ah punk motherfucker talkin' shit wit ah gun
Pimp and Bun like DMC and DJ Run
Everyday I come down them niggaz callin' my game
Then ge on B-E-T and they don't mention my name
Some Grip It On That Other Level
Face be bustin' they head
Ride Bentley early 90's watchin' out for the Feds
Red the king of south and I'm the aire to the throne
J-Prince done took off runnin' like Dedo Cartione

My nigga J-D you know he down wit us
Rock-a-Fella Records is down wit us
Cash Money Millionaires Is down wit us
Pretty Boy Floyld you know he down wit us
Roy Jones Jr. he's down wit us
Iron Mike Tyson down wit us
Lennox Lewis is down wit us
And knockin' motherfuckers out is ah must
Rockin' Rodney Moore down wit us
My nigga Willie you know he down wit us
Can't forget about Reggie 'cause he down wit us
My nigga J-Prince you know he down wit us
Big Teeth and B-Dub down to bust
And these niggaz in this motherfucker down wit us
Takin' motherfuckers out is ah must we number one
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