[Intro: King Just]
Yo! This is K. J., all day, every day
Around your way, in your hallway
Puffin' ganje, Hillside Scrambled eggs..
Let's go... Let's go... Let's go..
K. J. Rhyme, all day, every day, let's go..
[King Just]
Prepare for a Battlestar Gallectica, this is Attica
America, home of the Chainsaw Massacre
Dracula, sink my teeth into this beat
And sleep on corners where you drug dealers meet
Stay out of reach, but I keep arm distance
We can't hold him down, cuz I'm just too persistant
Listen, nitroglycerin, finish him
Kryptonite for all you fuckin' Supermen
It's him again, and I'm feelin' fine
Watch where you walk, you might step on landmines
Tech nine crime, quote him line for line
Intertwine with a mind like Albert Einstein
Optimus prime, throw heat like the sun
I got fees in this rap, why you think I'm on the run?
And when it's all said and done, I'm handlin' my biz
All the kids around the world is gonna is, is.
[Chorus 4X: King Just w children]
Nobody rhymes like K. J. Rhymes
Nobody, K. J. Rhyme
[King Just]
Now which one of ya'll could do it like I?
I guess you the reason they put "pumpk" in the pie
Quicker sea fry, hang glide slide
K. J. Go way-way like pantry pie
Zebra Lounge crowd, yo, that's Lounge
If I ain't put it down by the ramp with 18 pound
Cherry jubilee, hang off roofs like D. P
Ever since Champ God robbed the fuckin' Mickey D's
Ya'll was scarred and needed reincarnation of jackpot
Stop frontin', cuz you got the hip hop Scott 'Rock
Face lock the shot, we got the studio booked
Look up your history, I'm still off the hook
It's Mark Twain, I'm rollin' like Oliver Twist
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Kj Rhyme Lyrics

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