[Music: Dirkschneider/Kaufmann - Words: Dirkschneider/Kaufmann]

Alert - alert - alert
General alert in section nine
Unacceptable human specimens have entered the area
Drones to battle stations - drones to battle stations
Do you comply - do you comply
Communication breakdown - communication breakdown

Man and machine - the evil of a dream
It's a necessary cut of the production zone
Man and machine - it's a dissident team
And it's gonna be all over when a fuse is blown

We humans fight against the cyber trash
Machines are loaded high
Computerized - the tide we have to turn
Robotic clash on section nine

We're not gonna slave away
Machines are not the law
And we're gonna praise the day
When humans take it all


Rise up and fight inside the standby-zone
The sentinels electrified
Man to man against the fatal drones
We escalate to defcon five


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Man And Machine Lyrics

U. D. O. – Man And Machine Lyrics