My Grandpa had enough
Sold the Farm
Moved to the town
Bought a bar
Back in those days
1952 people iked to drink
Just like they still do
It's 50 years later and
1000 miles away
Wondering what a man I've never known would say

Bout the way I walk
The way I stand
The way I treat my fellow man

My Uncle lived with the, Great American vice
A half full glass of Whiskey and Ice
He drank from it
It drank from him
He's damn near empty
But it did not win
He walked away
But still looks back
It ain't easy to face yourself like that

That's The Way I Walk
The Way I Stand
The Way I Fell to the Circumstance

I'm not gonna tell you about my weakness
As far as your concerned I'm flawless
But I will say this
You can take it as you will
I can't make it stop, I can't sit still
It's like a thorny vine that runs through us
Hell maybe it even connects us

Like The Way I Walk
The Way I Stand
The Way I Hold This Part Full Glass
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The Way I Walk Lyrics

Tyson Williams – The Way I Walk Lyrics

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