“YEAH, TYLER1! (yo)
Back at it- (yo)
Back at it again.
Yo Dopest you ain’t shit boy.
You ain’t shit dude.
Here we go.
You ain’t shit dawg.
Yeah, Uh-huh, c’mon.
YO YO, c’mon.
Uh, yeah here we go.

Boy, you only got one thousand subs on Youtube
Your career’s done, before it even-
Shoe loo.
You dropped out of school because you ain’t got no-
Boom, Bruce Wayne.

You’re parentless:
Your father left,
Your mother’s gone.
You should do the same, you should yawn.
Like I do at your youtube channel that’s shit, it’s pathetic (uhh).
Go post more on Reddit.

You punk ass bitch I’ll
Knock your ass out.
While you’re sittin’ there, poutin’ l-
On your snout.
Make like a pig and go eat some str-
Sloth (ok).”
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Tyler1 Vs Dopest Lyrics

Tyler1 – Tyler1 Vs Dopest Lyrics

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