[Verse: Tye Dye Rhymes)
Nah I don't think it's over, I don't think it's over
I've always talked money,
Disregarding what they spoke of
Knock you out your loafers
Rap games prominence, my fans offering
I'm just glad they bought the shit
Cause with out them, I would have nothing
Butt fucking hunnies like a hand up a puppet
You smoking nugglets, I'm smoking tree stumps
Two shots of roc got me spinning like a tea cup
You my main babe, at least that's what you say
But everytime I try to chill you be ditching me
Well I can ditch too, get a bitch or two
Invite them over to the crib that's the ritual
Uh now light up a doagie
So open it's like youve known me
About as long as my homies
You chill, and I like that
Give me chills, frost bite that
These hoes tryna steal my flow
And I'm snatching that mic back
Catch me where the kites at
We the proud cloud
Wonderin where your wife at? Check my house
I don't need a spouse, cuffin ain't me
But unfortunately this world be gettin lonely
But hey, that's cest la vie
And uh hey, that ain't free
But uh hey that's cest la vie
First name like O my last name G
I been fucking since three
Stop fucking up my chee
Put my D so deep she be buckling her knees
Sheez, that's rough huh?
I duck fives and fuck nines
Mixing up a bit of purp and sprite
To get my cup right.

Cause we loud and proud
All these old folks tell us turn it down
Cause we loud and proud
And ain't a single mother fucker gonna turn me down
Loud and proud let the beat pound
On some brand new sounds
And you can't tell us nothing
Say we too loud that's exactly what we puffin
Loud and proud all these old folks tell us turn it down
Because we loud and proud
And ain't a single mother fucker gonna turn us down
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Loud And Proud Lyrics

Tye Dye Rhymes – Loud And Proud Lyrics

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