We are the mighty, yes we are the brave
With a selfless conviction, never to stray
From the first of October, thru a midsummer's day
We bear "The Crest of the Martyrs"
Our passion won't fade

Come join our crusade
With axes and honor, our way of life's saved
Come do not be afraid
With axes and honor, our victories gained

We'll strike from the mountains, thru the valley's below
Across land and water, our legions will go
We're taking their women, none to dig a grave
We'll reprogram their children, to fight in our name

We held onto a dream, of a better life one day to be
Standards held high, hearts filled with pride
For what we've done to be free
Return to a time when fortunes fell to the edge of a sword
Honor was none to those hearts who were pure

We've brethren in England, Germany and Spain
Forged in the truest fires
Many fall to their blades
We know many Greek warriors
Much too many to name
And the fight is undying in the home of the brave
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Axes & Honor Lyrics

Twisted Tower Dire – Axes & Honor Lyrics