I don't fall slow like I used to
I fall straight down
You've stolen my air catcher
That kept me safe and sound

My parachutes will guide me
Safely to ground
But now the cord's not working
And I see you staring me down

I won't fall in
Love with falling
I will try to avoid
Those eyes
[End Chorus]

I think you would beat
The moon in a pretty contest
And the moon just happened to be
The very first thing that I missed

I was doing fine on my own
And there wasn't much I lacked
But you've stolen my air catcher
And I don't know if I want it back


'Cause I'm not sure
I want to give you
Words as
Tools that can destroy
My heart

And I just don't say
What you want to hear
So I'll write my fears
And I don't believe
In talking just to breathe
And falling selfishly


But now I'm here
To give you words
As tools that can destroy
My heart
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Air Catcher Lyrics

twenty one pilots – Air Catcher Lyrics