Lost my shirt on a sure bet
Love n learn, never forget
Made my own bed
Woken up from a bad dream
Caught sleeping with the enemy
My heart made a fool of me
Thank you
For the memory
Thank you
Bringing me to my knees
Thank you
Showing no mercy
Thank you
Let love lie bleeding
Thank you
Is there anything else
I forget to mention
Anything i forget
Anything i forget
Anything i forget
Forget tp mention
I gave you all i had to give
Body n soul, the air that i breathe
Knocked the wind out of me
Find someone else to keep you warm
Shoulder to cry, head to lay upon
Ain't gonna be the one

Bass - pat badger
Keyboards, programing - steve ferlazzo
Drums - mike mangini
Lead guitar - leo mellace
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Thanks For Nothing Lyrics

Tribe Of Judah – Thanks For Nothing Lyrics

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