Left for dead
(cherone, ferlazzo)

Have you read the news today
Things will never be thesame
'cause the virtue that you grew to love is lost
And what you used to think was true
Will soon come crashing down you
And the treasure that you held near only dross
Do you konw the cost of your own independence
Paradise lost measured in consequence
Wash the blood from your hands
Point your arrow on up high
The unsuspecting sacrifice
Somebody somebody
There's no room for the two of us
Somebody left for dead
You take offense in what I say
Can't have it any other way
We're all subject to the altar that we bow
And to those who disagree
And still believe they can be free
You're just clinging to a rotten sacred cow
Picture big brother looking over your shoulder
An all mighty god gawking glorified voyeur
How does it feel
Caught with your pants down
Time to make a stand
Draw a line in the sand
(thus spoke the ubermensch)

Bass - pat badger
Guitar - tim bissonnette
Keyboards, programing - steve ferlazzo
Drums - mike mangini
Lead guitar - leo mellace
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Left For Dead Lyrics

Tribe Of Judah – Left For Dead Lyrics

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