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Sunrise Lyrics

Trailblaza – Sunrise Lyrics


Yeah uh huh uh
Uh huh uh
Uh uh uh uh

I'm on a whole different level
Pain came and went so my chain of events come with whole different bezels
Stones, whips, and medals
If hip-hop's a ship, then I came to rock her boat like my flows filled with pebbles
Sown, stitched and fitted - I stick to the plan
That's why these haters feel me coming like my dick's in their hand
Last night, I was hangin' with a chick from Japan
Discussing life and how it switched so quick for ya man, damn
Konnichiwa to the fast life
She told me homie only make sure that your cash right - you gotta grind
Like the spine of a halfpipe
I swear she remind me of a chick in my past life, she's that tight
But through it all I recall having a passion
For beautiful hearted women they say I'm old fashioned
My life became a movie but it won't be close captioned
Simply cause that shit just don't happen
I'm crackin jokes - we both laughin
She sayin' my name cause I told her I loved her accent - past tense
I'm not a playa and trust me it's not a game
I just learned in this lane you need to know when they're actin
I changed the script and cut all the extras
My ex told me that shit would stress ya - I guess she right
Before she skated I navigated my way into her heart
And broke it apart with just one kiss goodnight, aite?
And you still chasin' the pussy
I'm over here gettin colder promoters callin' to book me
See - it's a whole new chapter, this good life is all a brothers after
Ask me why I do it and I'll tell you quite simply
I work hard cause all the odds were against me
Yeah - a few thrills, I'm askin' what it really means
Doin' 80 down 285 bumpin Billie Jean
The Man in the Mirror's Human Nature is Dangerous
It seems life changes as soon as I get a hang of it
Yeah - And I try to tell karma to chill and let me heal but we speak different languages
Sometimes I consider if they know how much I sacrifice
Or how I prayed for the sun to rise on the blackest nights
Sometimes when haters say my name I wanna start to fight,
But deep down in my heart I know you grow with plight
I use to spend hours listening to The Calm
Plottin' my rise, revisin these visions of getting on
You couldn't fathom the feelin' I swear I'm truly gone
The sun rises as I rise to the place I truly belong
They use to always tell me it's darkest before dawn
And then it dawned on me - maybe they're right
So late '08 and the most of '09 was the time when God was tellin me son goodnight
While everybody was livin' I was feelin' depressed
But my dedication was preparation for what was next
All that time sittin', yeah I had to wait cause you can't graduate without going through test
Yes, I use to walk around town with my glass tinted
But now I'm proud of my flaws, now watch me bask in it
Forget the gossip and the dumb lies
2010 and beyond... That's my sunrise
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