Verse 1
I lost my way turned from you
Throughout my life I lost sight of the truth
With a broken heart here I stand
Returning home and wondering if you can

Bring me back to the place
Where I'll see your face
Where love and abundance flow
Bring me into your arms
Where I'm safe from harm
And where no pain can go
Draw me in to you
Lord all I want to do
Is come back to you
So bring me back, to you

Verse 2
I've fallen down a thousand times
No one was there to heal these wounds of mine
Slowly standing but stumbling still
When I'm on my feet I hope that you will


I never thought I would need you so
Somehow I knew that this day would come
I'm on my knees searching for the truth
With all that I have inside

I run to you
With all I am
With all my heart, my soul, and strength
I run to you
With all I have
With all my heart, my soul, and strength

Chorus (till end)
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Bring Me Back Lyrics

Torrey Salter – Bring Me Back Lyrics