Hatful of Rain (Lyrics)
By Todd Layne Thompson
All Rights Reserved

It seems I'm going blind there...
I don't know what I'll find
When I get home.

I turned away (well, I tried it),
But I laid back down beside you
When I got home.

Deep within your lyin'
I found a memory
That tried me
(I thought it died inside me).

So you really spoke it
And cheated 'round on me.
I cried then
I died again.

It's not the roses and champagne,
It's just a hatful of rain.

Hatful of Rain
Hatful of Rain

I trusted you... Was reliant...
I suppose you really didn't care.
I lay here just denying it,
But I cannot ever forget
About the way I feel
About you.

Don't you think I could be happy
Without security
That holds me
And scolds me?
Don't you think that the time together
Was awefully down on me?
You showed him
That you'd hold him.

It's not a honeymoon in vain,
It's just a hatful of rain.

Hatful of Rain
Hatful of Rain

You and I...
It was like paradise...
Love chasing love chasing love.

You and me
We were meant to be...
Love chasing love chasing love
In the shadows of ourselves.
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Hatful Of Rain Lyrics

Todd Layne Thompson – Hatful Of Rain Lyrics

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