Slow zoom on the desert.
There's flags, evil guy, cut.
Didn't really see his face.
Ruins with a snake.
Scared guy looks around.
Turn around snake touch turn blue.
Sunset, old man on a boat.
Grab a sword, stab myself.
Wave hand.
Zoom out.
Statue fall in the water.
Punch a brick.
People walking.
Mountain top.
Screaming up.
Draw sword, turn around, scorpion.
Guy running downhill, jump!
Dragon grab. Swing, stab.
Falling rock, open arms.
Swing, miss, ocean, running, sliding down, turn around, and some slow-motion falling down.
Hit ground twice, turn, grab spear.
No eyes. Look, fire. Hold her neck.
People. Cape. Ow, my back.
Scorpion, slow jump, more scorpion.
Then, Titans and horses and stab will girl falling and Clash dissolve, mid-air stab, breaking rock, s** scenes un-sheath.
Bad guy dies, then another dragon flies.
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Literal Clash Of The Titans Lyrics

Tobuscus – Literal Clash Of The Titans Lyrics