[First Verse: Tim Smooth]

They say that birds of a feather
All flock together
All your friends, bitches
What up you heffa?
Never, be ashamed of what'cha are
Cuz what'cha are, is a dog ass bitch by far
Known for fuckin' up a good relationship, takin' dick
By the mile, beat the shit out a child
Everytime a new nigga come around
You leave the fuckin' kids wit'cha Mama while you run to town and run him down
Now, you don't look like the crazy type
But suckin' stranger's dick in front'cha fuckin' kids ain't lady-like
Maybe tight to you hoe, but not to me
Ain't that a biiiiiiiiiiiitch?

[Chorus: Kangol Slim]

Ain't that a bitch?
Yeah, we you talkin' that shit
Ah, ah, ah
I know you wonderin', how you can get down with the clique
But you gotta drop to your knees and suck all of my niggas dicks
Cuz you'z a bitch

[Second Verse: Tim Smooth]

You know your Mama was known for havin' pussy for sale
Your Daddy was known for gettin' fucked in jail
All your sisters and brothers, they are known dick suckers
Workin' the streets, grossin', less than cluckers
How does it feel to get fucked for a meal?
Havin' niggas hate you like Jack Abbott hates Jill
Still, showin' your face wherever there's haps
Givin' niggas numbers and givin' niggas clap
You're boatin' that pussy like you own shit
But uh, one of these days you gone sit on the wrong dick
And he gone let'cha have it
Silly rabbit
Cuz a bitch like you did this shit to Magic
Then the Lakers wasn't shit a-fuckin'-gin
A player off when cuz of a muthafuckin' bitch like you
Who might do
Y'all don't hear me mane? That's a bitch!


[Third Verse: Tim Smooth]

Now she doin' bachelor parties, she ain't even a stripper!
If you dive in her pussy you could stroke like flipper
Give her the whipped cream, she'll get the jell-o
Put that shit on your dick and lick it spotless, hello!
Ask me hoe I know
And I'll tell you so
She used to be my hoe
And if I had the chance, Lord knows I'd whoop her ass
Cuz she done told my Boo about our sessions
Got my happy home full of turmoil and questions
And she's supposed to be my Boo partna
But for a dollar, I believe the hoe would fuck Chewbacca!
You could knock her if you wanna, but use a rubber
Cuz a lot of niggas came up missin' who claimed they used to fuck her
I'm glad I doubled up, cuz shit
Ain't nothin' worse than ridin' in a hearse over this stank bitch!

[Chorus: til' fade]
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Uzabitch Lyrics

Tim Smooth – Uzabitch Lyrics