A little longer I'm thinking
Give me my space so I can face it alone
I've always been one for sober reality
Can't find the pieces for the increasing unknown

I sigh, just try to convince me I'm not entirely sold
Well I'm watchin' and I'm waitin' till the sun comes up
I'm slippin' into gravity's hold

He said it's fun for the moment
When I grow up, I'll give it up later on
One day he'll snap back to sober reality
Leave it to fate, look it's too late and he's gone

I sigh, it's been the same new generations too old
The deceiving and the lying as the saints fall down
We're slippin' into gravity's hold

What if one day I fall away, and I believe what the Pharisees say?
What if I pray just to find it's all fake?

I'll fly, fall into grace, don't have to face it alone
Well I'm laughin' and I'm dancin' till the sun comes up
I'm slippin' out of gravity's hold
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Gravity's Hold Lyrics

Tim Be Told – Gravity's Hold Lyrics