I wake up to the light
My dreams were pretty good last night
Another day to fight the fight
Oh no, I'm already late
For the job that I hate
Everybody's got to do what they don't wanna do
Day after day it's getting mundane and I'm bored

Everything's hysterical
Nothing is a miracle
And everybody's right
And as I'm waxing lyrical
My life is still so typical
I think I'm losing sight

I'm getting' by

I'm counting to ten
And I'm in love again
Trying to keep my head in line
I give and you take
Oh, I made a mistake
You never do what I want you to do
Day after day I'm going insane I'm alone

It's something kind of pitiful
I'm feeling kind of cynical
It's never black or white
They say that I'm relational
But never confrontational
I was never one to fight

Workin' at the 9-5 a little bit of over time I'm laboring into the night
Watching as the minutes fly I'm waving to my life goodbye
I think I'm taking my time
Where did everybody go and all the joy I used to know?
The mystery's history now

Sometimes I cry, I hold my head high
I'm sure that I'm gonna get by
My vision is hazy and sometimes I'm lazy
But someday it will be alright

Rise up, keep pressing on
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Getting By Lyrics

Tim Be Told – Getting By Lyrics