When I close my eyes I imagine the horror...
I inhale narcotic zephyres and venomous ethers
I'm prisoner into the inferno of my imagination...

Asphyxiated by my desires and dreams, when the black sunset falls
I penetrate the sacred kabbalah for it's golden paths
Where I hear the frost symphony of a lugubrious organ...

However, withdrawn of vile human faces
I glimpsed bloody beautiful spirits
Drugged and lost into my self by oriental strange incenses
Between psychotic rhombus and shining spirals.

I walk o'er gardens of rotten stench fetus and decayed skulls
Avid for finding the mysterious source of the Occult Light...

I raise my spirit upon the astral airs of the ten sephiraths
Of supreme knowledge: from ancestral tree of life and death.

I crossed the majestic portals of: Malkuth, Yesod, Hod, Netzah
And the fire skies of: Tiphereth, Geburah, Hesed, Binah, Hochmah,

'Til my arrival to the remote wrap apex of Kether's Crown
Where I can see the golden flame burning forever in my spirit.
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Satan's Black Light Lyrics

Thy Antichrist – Satan's Black Light Lyrics