Inside the circle of fire
Beauty is burnt in flames
Sealing her union
With the universe
Beneath this cosmic night
United as a violent passion

The silence of the night
Echoes of the wind
Mirrored in arcane skies and guiding he clouds

A Crimson twilight
Witness of my loneliness
Embraced by the forest
Under the nights veil

Essay of the winter
Encourages the dark
As always has been done
Through winds of desolation

Autumnal rust, nocturnal birds
Impregnate my soul
With their fragrance
Fragrance of melancholy

Fetid feelings of the soul
Like crown of thorns
Bring queer agony
Wisdom of the ancient black hearts
The announcement of the winds
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Winds Of Desolation Lyrics

Those Endless Eyes – Winds Of Desolation Lyrics