Well, she says she's getting homesick for a place she's never been (she's a rocket)
She says this world ain't no place for a girl to settle in (she's a rocket)
You'd swear you feel the boosters kicking in

She's a rocket (gonna fly just as soon as she can)
She's a rocket (blast off to the promised land)
She's a rocket
On the wings of desire she'll blow this place
She's got the need for speed and the pace for the race
Come on and give that girl some space, she's a rocket

She says she lives here now, but she was made for the air (she's a rocket)
And you may want to stand back from that rocket's red glare (she's a rocket)
'Cause for this world she does not have a care


She can't wait to levitate up to her one true Dad (she's a rocket)
Don't be surprised if one day no one's home at her launch pad

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She's A Rocket Lyrics

This Train – She's A Rocket Lyrics