And all I see is little dots,
Some are smeared and some are spots.
Feels like a murder but that's alright.
Somebody said "There's too much light."
Pull down the shades and it's alright.
It'll be over in a minute or two.
I'm charged up.
Don't put me down.
Don't feel like talking.
Don't mess around.
I feel mean.
I feel O.K.
I'm charged up! Electricity.
The boys are making a big mess.
Those messed up girls all start to laugh.
I don't know what they're talking about.
The boys are worried.
The girls are shocked.
They pick the sound and let it drop.
Nobody know what they're talking about.
I'm charged up with microwaves.
I don't tell the truth,
I don't tell lies.
I'm broken up ???,
I'm charged up
It's pretty intense,
I'm charged up,
Don't put me down,
Don't feel like talking,
Don't mess around,
I feel mean and I feel O.K.
I'm charged up! Electricity.
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Drugs Lyrics

This Mortal Coil – Drugs Lyrics

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