Staring down
Empty spaces
Make a sound, make a sound
Fight the voices
Can't be useless
Heard the crowd, hear the crowd

There's a weird sort of calm in just believing
That fear will dissipate eventually
When you're staring down you're just human
This flight tonight is where you need to be

Go, go, go, make me proud

This old town just don't getcha
Hit the ground, you hit the ground
Past and future
Just don't matter
All that counts is the now

Don't think about the past now you're leaving
Fear cast a spell and paralyse
When you're staring down you're just human
But the face looking back you don't recognise

Repeat chorus

Now that you're leaving
You will find your way

Make me proud
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Make Me Proud Lyrics

This Flight Tonight – Make Me Proud Lyrics

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