Yea well I been up lately all in my thought twisted like my hair nigga till we flipped it into a song I learned when the truth is told your still wrong I been continplanting things like how could she be what I want but other be the closet things to queens I was told when passion come to heart love is forever when even a part was never jus a vision that's only the start well you could really say Wats makes the hardest was building a base to laced the product it its all too many time a game well play yea played against the heart marginalized to play the part well maybe thats to make us identify just to face it like

And if this life is just a lay up we make it wonderus under level you gotta do more i could never settle I been thinking bout it lately what I gotta do thats true to make it she been she been trynna find a way to break me while the other one keeps it Wavey
Man can a nigga just keep relations love couldn't test the price of patients we can seem to ever Reconize Wats keeps us stationed
Got a nigga like fuck this I gotta take it
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W.A.Y.S Lyrics

The Wave K.A.M*OVG – W.A.Y.S Lyrics

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