I had me a love I thought would never end
But she left me home all alone again
Looking like an angel dressing to kill
Looking for a good time up over the hill

Someday when you've had your thrills
You'll come back with a little time to kill
The house will be empty oh so still
Cause I'll be moving on up over the hill

I found myself crying pacing the floor
Losing my mind but oh baby no more
My heart maybe yours and I love you still
But I'll be long gone up over the hill

There'll be no more crying cussin' or moan
I've had enough of you honey we've grown cold as stone
Ever since I left you Darlin' I've been nothing but chill
Making my way up over the hill


If back in your arms is where you'll think I'll be
I got news for you just wait and see
You can search all over town till you've had your fill
But I'll be a hundred miles away up over the hill

If you aint' figured it out by now well here's this song for you
For your pretty mind to wonder where I've wandered to
If you should come and find me well it's what you will
I'll be long gone from up over the hill
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Up Over The Hill Lyrics

The Valveenus – Up Over The Hill Lyrics

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